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  • Jessica Ross

Benefits to Taking Classes in the Performing Arts

You may be asking yourself why a child should take classes in the performing arts. It’s an excellent question. There are a number of benefits to taking classes in the performing arts. Extracurricular activities are essential to the growth of any child. Whether it be in sports or the arts, exposing your child to new things helps them form new skills that they’ll carry on to whatever they tackle in the next step of their journey.

Don’t take our word for it. According to Scholastic, It’s no big secret that getting kids involved in the performing arts can have major payoffs in school. After all, research shows that children who sing/dance/act/play their little hearts out are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement compared with their non-performing friends — and they tend to have enhanced cognitive, motor, and social development to boot. But the benefits don’t end there. Getting up on stage can enrich your child’s life in all sorts of surprising ways.”

In this new series we’re going to outline some of those skills that are learned by taking dance classes, acting classes, acro classes and more!


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