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  • Jessica Ross

Benefit #2: Builds Confidence

Taking classes in the performing arts helps build a child’s self-confidence.

According to ArtsEdge with The Kennedy Center via PBS, “Activities, especially arts-related activities, are important for so much more than just keeping your child busy. They’ve been proven to boost a child’s self-image. Whether in an individual setting or as part of a group, arts education improves a child’s confidence. For example, studies have shown that when children participate in art activities with peers, the feedback they give to each other builds self-respect by helping them learn to accept criticism and praise from others.”

We’ve witnessed it firsthand at our studio. Some kids come in and are natural performers, ready for the limelight. But some are more timid and shy. We watch as their confidence grows over time. One of our students, Emma Horn, now a musical theatre major at Western Kentucky University had this to say about her time at Moss: “I was a really shy person when I first came to Moss. Moss really gave me a good sense of confidence - it really built up my confidence. And I think that the teachers really have the student’s best interest at heart and they want them to succeed. That’s something I’ve held with me past my years at Moss.”

To watch the full interview, click below:

It is truly an honor to watch a child blossom as they grow in their self-confidence through the performing arts. Having been around for 20+ years now, we’ve seen it happen over and over again and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you’re interested in helping your child start to build their confidence by taking one of our classes, we’d love to have them! Peruse our 150 class offerings here: or send us an email at for more information!


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