We offer a wide variety of voice and acting classes from beginner group vocals to advanced acting. Scroll down for a description of the classes we offer.



Voice lessons give the young singer the tools for healthy singing and vocal longevity. Students will learn how to improve their singing by learning proper technique, daily care and exercises to strengthen their voice, and how to act the song in practice and performance.


Teaching students the fundamentals of acting through introductions to the Stanislavski and Meisner methods, they will learn how to develop a character and portray them on stage as well as improvisation techniques, monologues and scene work. Acting classes prepare every student to feel capable, confident and ultimately completely comfortable as any character on stage.




These classes use the process of putting on a musical to teach students learn the skills it takes to perform live on stage. We help our students prepare a successful audition, teach them how to develop a character, correctly dictate and remember blocking, pick up choreography, all while learning about the musical, story and their characters.